Friday, October 19, 2012

Virat Kohli - Cricketer with Hundred Percent Commitment.

virat looks great in this yellow t-shirt that has a goorrila printed
Virat In Yellow funky outfit
virat lost control of his feelings after india lost semifinal spot to pakistan in T 20 world cup
Virat rare break down
Virat sits outside boundry line after match was over and India out of T20 world cup
Virat all-alone in Indian cricket
Virat kohli wipes off tears during live match against Protease
This is why Cricket is our life
Indian cricketers are every now and then criticized for their lack of commitment on the ground but recent incident where Virat could not hold on to his emotions shows the extent of commitment that this youngster brings to the ground. Indian cricket team was up against South African team and despite winning the match Indian team could not make it through to the semifinals as they needed to win it by at least 32 runs and Pakistan got through on the basis of net run rate. Even before the match ended every one knew the sad news and Virat could not take the jolt and broke into tears. The live telecast showed images of Virat with tears almost ready to run down his sad face. This behavior of our young energetic star was unexpected as we know him for his fighting (never say die) cricketer's attitude.One felt that there is another Sachin Tendulkar fighting it out all by himself while others were just riding on his shoulders.Though Virat was not very successful in this match but throughout the T20 World cup 2012 only name that looked like playing for victory was Virat Kohli. He was our best batsman on display during the tournament while others were finding out new ways of getting out or keeping themselves in playing eleven. Once again Dhoni and Viru seemed to be far too much interested in internal friction which has been the major story throughout cricket 2012. 
 We the people of India are proud of our emotional fighter and Salute him from cores of 120 crore hearts.
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