Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome Back Yuvraj-After Almost 9 Months He Is back.

yuvraj singh playing shots again after defeating rare cancer  successfully
Yuvraj Singh in action after defeating cancer
image of indian crickter yuvraj singh
Yuvraj in all-black
images of yuvraj-yuvraj in action in test matces
Yuvraj In Test Match
Yuvraj Singh Indian Cricket team's left handed stylish batsman is all set to stage a come-back in upcoming T20 world cup to be held in Shrilanka next month.The National Selectors decided to include him in the 15 member squad for the upcoming T 20s in recently held meeting of the selection committee. Whether he is fit or not? this is the concern that most of his fans and Indian cricket team supporters are still wondering about as Yuvraj Singh has not played any professional matches yet.Earlier Yuvraj has communicated about his fitness to the board and said that he is fit. The Indian cricket team needs him badly because in his absence, in last year or so team has not been successful in fulfilling the expectations. With Yuvi back in the scheme of things the team might once again find that right balance and the attitude that was found missing for over a year. Also his return will give the team a chance to improve its records in T20 world cup.

yuvraj singh images-yuvraj singh celebrates after world cup victory
Yuvi Celebration Style
  1. Should Yuvraj start playing for the team even if he is not hundred percent match fit?
  2. Has all that he has been through, changed him and his attitude towards the game?
  3. How do you feel about his return into the team, is it too soon for him to readjust.
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