Sunday, January 22, 2017

The blog already seems dead. So just going to write without any keywords and SEO in mind.

The blog and me both have been through a lot.

I don't even remember the last time I posted anything on this blog of mine. I began, as every one does, with a Hope to make it big. But without having any experience of blogging, search engine optimization, key words etc etc, I struggled for any kind of traffic to the blog and without it the blog was always a one way conversation. I used to talk my great out about whatever I was moved about by. The topics included pretty much everything. The blog's title suggests just that. More often than not my posts were detected by how good the internet connection was. Therefore after a while it just fell apart for me. Now is been over two years(I suppose) since i have not bothered internet community with my blurbs.
Today I was on play store and saw this google bloggers app in the list and got inspired again to start trying it out again. I will try to write about different topics (yes no niche still after so many lessons) over the upcoming months and will see if any of this content gets some kind of regular audience.
Basically this is almost what I had on my mind, but SEO good habits are pushing me to write a few more lines as one is not supposed to post skirt notes on blogs. These short note kind of post are considered as spam(which this post actually is mat be) by google crawlers. 
I think now that someone who has read this much of useless content it becomes my duty to explain add to why am I beginning blogging again and what the content would be like.
Well add you know there are quite a few things ongoing which include Elections, demonstration effects and probably great devices from upcoming mobile world congress that's going to happen some time in the month of February. So will be writing about these things and may be even more.

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