Friday, January 25, 2013

Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle - The cricketers with unique style.

virat kohli and chris gayle celebrate after winning a ipl 2013 match
Virat and Gayle unique celebration style
virat kohli and gayle start dancing on ground in ipl 2013
Virat, Gayle dancing during live cricket
Virat Kohli and the dangerous left handed West Indian batsman Chris Gayle are playing for Royal Challenger Bangalore this year. Their on and off ground friendship has been fascinating cricket viewers all over the cricketing World. Specially the way the cricketers celebrate their victory after the match, has become the duo’s signature. We know Chris is most destructive batsman playing IPL 2013. His previous and current performances also suggest the same. Chris Gayle has already stunned everyone with a mammoth innings of 170+ runs against Pune Warriors. In a single innings he broke about 10 cricket records at once. And the giant has already warned of targeting a double hundred in this same edition of IPL 2013. The poor bowlers might have already started praying and pleading to God to somehow stop the hungry  Yeti.
Chris Gayle’s effortless hitting has been Highlight of the IPL 2013. On the other hand Virat  is also making life difficult for every bowler this year. Kohli is one of the leading run getter for first half of the IPL 2013. Virat is classic type of batsman and plays the bottom handed cricket shots as well. His aggressive leadership certainly helps in getting the best out of a team that he is currently captaining. Royal Challengers Bangalore are the side that is giving  nightmares even to Dhoni’s Chennai Duper Kings.  Looking at the initial half, one feels these two sides are main contenders for this edition of IPL 2013.
virat and chris gayle walking out of the ground like old school friends
The Royal friends of IPL 2013
The outcome of the tournament is not something that we can predict accurately but one thing is for sure that the duo of Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle is having great time playing together. Although IPL is also blamed for creating problems in-between the cricketers of same international cricket team but this example of unique friendship is worth it. Their celebration style is unique. Gayle has that Gangnam dance going on whenever he gets the chance to. Virat and Gayle's off field dancing and dressing-room pranks are also always on.

virat kohli images photos in ipl 2013 celebrating dancing with chris gayle
Virat and Gayle in IPL 2013
The IPL is said to be all about entertainment and such players and their unique styles provide just that. The other teams won’t mind them enjoying outside the ground but if the duo gets going on the pitch, it would certainly spell trouble for any team. Royal Challengers Bangalore has its best chance of winning the title this year provided they also perform with the ball. The fans of Virat and Chris will be hoping for more destructive innings from them.

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