Friday, June 1, 2012

Sports And Politics.

                                                Sports & Politics
 There is this news out there about Sachin Tandulkar going towards politics, Don't worry he is not going to be contesting in any elections, but he has been nominated by our President of India for Rajya Sabha membership.
There is this tradition in place in which President is supposed to nominate or suggest names of citizens/public figures with great achievements or services for the nation. 
 let us discuss  something about the connection of politics to the big sporting celebs. This week we have come to know about possibilities of Sachin Tandulkar beginning his new and unexpected innings in the Rajya Sabha. Thinking about it makes me sad when I realize that the time has come for our beloved and believed hero to decide his future plans.Along with that he will decide future of Indian cricket too. But I guess no one was expecting him to take on the challenge of running our democracy through politics. And that is what Sachin is made up off, you think he is over and he begins new innings, isn't it? I think I am being unfair in discussing his retirement too prematurely, especially when he himself has indicated to be around for a bit longer. Let me just get back to his and other sports person's connection to politics.
Sachin Tendulkar playing square drive Over the years we have seen quite a few of them sitting around in our Parliament or its lower houses and serving the Nation, and some of them had even been successful in retaining or getting re-elected after their first term. May be there are people from other sports fields too but let me just focus on cricket.These days Navjoot Singh Sidhu and Md. Ajaheruddin are doing their bit in the field of politics.
 I just want to know one thing if it for their mass appeal are their own interests in politics that get these cricketers into politics. Definitely being cricketers helps a lot in gaining followers but are cricketers being used by these political parties as masks or advertising material. I think each one of us knows how difficult it is getting for these parties to keep themselves alive. With the advent of new regional parties the huge vote banks have been divided and bigger fishes are getting slimmer and thinner. One can just hope that this combination of sports and politics does some good to the democracy and in return for the country. We all will keep following our heroes wherever they go and whatever new challenges they take on.Let us Wish Sachin best of luck in his political life.
 As far as writing about this issue is concerned I have that habit of raising question marks everywhere, letting people think
and then Speak up. So SPEAK UP BECAUSE YOU CAN.
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