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Sachin Tendulkar-Indian cricketer with widest range of strokes. Any Doubt?

The biggest name in the world of cricket

Sachin is the only batsman capable of playing four or five shots at any bowling variation he faces. Till the very end only he knows which one is going to be played. No one can ever sum up number of shots he can play with high efficiency and I am only trying to recall most famous of his shots and thus probably ignite a discussion on this page about the great master blaster.

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the best batsmen cricket has ever seen. He can play in any conditions and against any opposition. His fans admire the way he executes every single shot. This master can play any stroke that is there in cricket books. There are certain shots that have been invented by him.

 I thought it would be interesting to find out his best shots list. Yes he plays them all with equal authority but I just wanted to enlist some of his most liked and enjoyed shots. Hence here is the list of those shots and as we all know these shots are beyond words.

sachin tendulkar photos-sachin plays a straight drive during a test match
Sachin plays it straight
Straight Drive- Sachin Tendulkar makes it look so simple. His balance during the shot execution is like his trademark on this shot. We can recall numerous incidents where an umpire would struggle to get out of the way of his sweetly timed straight drive. I Just can't forget those days when David Shepherd would be jumping on a nelson (111) score and Sachin times one straight into his hat. Almost all current players can play this shot with a lot of horse power but not with Sachin's class.

sachin images-sachin gets ready to play an upper cutUpper cut- Sachin Tendulkar is best when it comes to using the bowler's pace to maximum advantage. He is credited for inventing this shot and refining it. The shot he played against Shoab Akhtar during 2003 World cup match was one example. The shot became famous as shot of the millennium. Later he started playing it more and more straight, exactly over the wicket keeper's head (to be precise).

    sachin tendulkar wallpapers-sachin plays towards fine-leg and look on
Leg glance- We all know where the ball ends if a bowler bowls at his middle or leg stump. He would simply tap it towards fine-leg for four. He played it so finely that it at times ends up behind the wicket keeper. Getting a fine-leg fielder frustrated by playing this shot towards both his sides seems to be Sachin's favorite hobby.

    Cover Drive- The cover drive is a shot that Sachin would usually get going with. More often than not hesachin tendulkar shot-sachin displays how to play cover drive perfectly puts his first runs on the board by timing one sweetly through the cover or extra cover region. What makes his cover drive so special is that he could play it of both his feet; be it when he is on front foot or when he stands tall at the back foot and plays the ball with ease and grace. His high elbow while playing this shot is unmatched and his trademark on this shot.

      sachin tendulkar-sachin playing a square against a fast bowler
    Square Drive/Cut- This is the business area for any Indian batsman and Sachin as usual is excellent here too. He knows how to play it early or delay it so as to pierce the point and gully region. More refined version of same shot is the late cut that he makes look so simple. Also the shot upper cut was a result of square drive or late cut played in the air.

    sachin tendulkar records-sachin prepares for a paddle sweep in a test match
    Paddle Sweep- All the above shots are usually played against fast bowlers and help him creating new "Sachin Tendulkar records". But Sachin is same batsman who has given nightmares to the likes of Abdul Qadir and Shane Warne with his step-out sixes and the paddle sweeps. He looked nimble footed when steps out of his crease and equally effective when he plays that late paddle sweep behind the square. Again Sachin is the one who is credited for the invention of the shot pedal sweep.
    The list of such strokes could become very long but I want to know yours favorite ones. Is it one of the above or shots like pull-shot, reverse sweep or on-drive. You can leave your favorite shot in the form of a comment below and we will take the discussion even further.

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