Monday, May 28, 2012

Petrol Prices Set Indian Roads On Fire.

This one is over due. Government decided to set petrol on fire once again.  Oops sorry IOC decided to increase petrol price in India by whooping never before amount of Rs 7+. This petrol price hike came right after the Parliament session on Budget was over (and they realized they had very little to raise their monthly paychecks). and all elections were over ( so no fears of being questioned during campaigning).

 Finally it happened when the price of one liter of  petrol and a bear became equal. What it meant was that you could not drink and drive both at the same time. Either you by petrol , don't drink and drive home safe; or you by a bear and are not left with anything to by fuel, so walk back home safely. So you are free to decide the options.

 This shows how much our government is concerned about our safety and convenience.

 Over the last eight years or so, during the rule of UPA we have seen petrol double its importance and costs from around 35Rs to 75 Rs (Apprx). The government meanwhile has been busy confusing us with our growth rate and our spending capabilities(that depends on our daily 25 Rs earnings) .

 The government never says we are struggling with inflation rates and instead pets its own back in international community that Indian common man is spending almost double the actual expected price of a commodity.

 As far as growth rate claims are concerned only God knows what they mean to The common Indian citizens. Having a growth rate of (let us say) 9% is absolute mockery of Indians, if one knows the actual state of the factors like Nutrition, Health, Food availability, housing and yes last but not the least corruption.

Yes I know all of this will be gone with such a growth rate (second highest after china) but the corruption still will win over the common Indian as all of the benefits of this growth rate are considered to go through those well known SINKS.

Government just celebrated completion of three years of its existence and the gift for Indians was petrol price hike. Although they(Ministers) claimed they had very little or nothing to do with this but after furious reactions from people and media somehow they now claim to be our best friends and promise indirectly that the burden will be shared by state governments. This to me seems more of a ploy to corner the opposition's State governments and find a safe route for their government to escape any credibility.

 Friends, I might have reacted immaturely by expressing my anger and may have missed out on any positives (if any) of this petrol price hike. Please let me know about yours views too.  

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