Monday, June 4, 2012

The Funny Bone!

image of peach
Funny peach with a tail on head
 Friends I am in a kind of funny mood so excuse me for diverting my blog's content to something funny. This is all because of this funny pic above that seems to be a fruit of aliens. This Sunday I was harvesting them and found this funny bone.

image of peaches in a bucket
The hails marks visible on these peaches
This summer Certain parts of Himachal received heavy thunder storms and strong winds that destroyed almost 25% of the apple crop and also effected some other smaller fruit sections like Peach in this picture above. While the hails almost pierced through most of my gardens peach this one caught my eyes. It had an unusual tail associated with it which made it look so unique and funny that I wanted to share it with everyone online.

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