Friday, July 13, 2012

Sleeping Habits-Good or Bad?

Indian ancient literature focuses a lot on how Man is supposed to lead his life. What are basic fundamental needs that Human beings have to meet. And in this quest, I was reading a Book and it stated that Food, Security, Sleep and Sex are the four main necessities that are running around our society and us.

Out of the above four; the one that struck me was SLEEP, till now I have always taken it to be a natural phenomenon and never thought it was THAT big necessity. I thought it is just the way it is, and gave very little or no importance to the habits associated with it. Wait a minute, do I really need to give those habits the importance that those so punctual people do? Can't it be as simple as how you would have a cup of tea or Coffey?

We all have perhaps been trained in such a way that before we know its(those bad sleeping habit's) existence it becomes an inevitable or inseparable part of our identity. Not that I don't like those early to get-up people but wanted to say that its OK to have your own way of enjoying life. It is no big deal if your sleeping hours do not match that of someone around you.
While thinking about this very subject I came across this another blogger who had also written about the subject.He discussed it all; in his style:-
Meanderings and Reflections: Early risers and compulsive slogs: I do enjoy waking up early before the sun comes up to a quiet and chirpy morning. But alas! I cannot do it every morning or let's say most ...
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