Thursday, August 16, 2012

Congratulations India - India Celebrated The 66th Independence Day

Jai Hind,
 Congratulations and best wishes to India and all proud Indian citizens on the occasion of the Independence Day. We celebrated the 66th day of independence on 15th of August 2012. Our Prime Minister hoisted the national flag in the capital and along with this all the Chief Ministers also did so in their respective states.The Indian Independence day did bring double joys this time around as it coincided with the most successful Olympic performance of India where we reached up to six medals and finished at 55th overall position. Though the overall standing is not so great but we really played well(except in hickey) this time around. 

As we do on such occasions, we remembered all those who sacrificed for us and promised to each other and the Bharat Mata that we will keep up the good work.
But when I write Good Work; what really should it mean?  Our country has improved significantly on almost all the fronts. And so has the challenges. The much discussed corruption, dwindling economy and lack of able political leadership are some of the issues that concern each and everyone of us. Yes we certainly achieved quite a bit but still The Brand India is supposed to have underperformed. We can not and should not overlook the threats we face.
 With every Independence Day or The Republic Day a series of questions looms over us and it was no exception this time around too.
  • What are our achievements and whats in store for us? 
  • Have we learned our lessons and are willing to improve individually as well as as a nation?

With the recent series of protests and tough economic conditions; I am confused and overwhelmed by all these and many more questions. You can as always comment about your feelings-
  • Have you also got such a mindset? What are the meanings of this time's Independence Day for you? 
  • Any positive changes that you have seen and want to share?

India won its first medal at London Olympics in Riffle shooting through Gagan Narang
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