Thursday, August 2, 2012

Google Page Rank Update 2nd August 2012-Page Rank Checker

  Great news for all those who have worked relentlessly for last three months just to gain some relevance in Google page ranks and SERPs. Google has finally come up with the much wanted third update today.

Have you checked your page rank? Yes it is time to check it as Google once again updated its page ranks today on 2nd of August 2012. It is Google's periodic update that takes place roughly every three months. You can get check page rank by
  visiting google page rank checker webpage or use some browser extensions. I am giving direct link to the  Page Rank Checker here for you.

The page rank of This Blog has been updated from 0 to PR 2 today and its visible at the bottom-right hand side icon. Yes; it is great to see all your SEO and efforts being recognized by Google crawlers.

The jump from PR 0 to PR 2 has come just in three months time and I hope all of you who have given it your all have made it through too.

I congratulate all the webpage owners who have improved and feel sorry for the ones who have missed out.
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