Friday, August 24, 2012

Politics Offers The Best Carrier - An Indian Citizen's Top Carrier Choice

 The politics in India seems to be the easiest thing you could chose as a carrier. Well at least that is what current political drama proves. You are as always in lime-light and people around you are eager to listen to your great agendas. You are allowed to hijack any serious discussion towards blame games. You enjoy royal salutes wherever you go.
Politics Offers The Best Carrier - An Indian Citizen's Top Carrier Choice

 The work that you are supposed to handle is anything but easy. Here you would dress up in all-white dress codes (hiding every black spot under it) walk towards the special rajdoot and off you go for another really heated up discussion of country's interest. Now you reach the Temple of Democracy Parliament and perform daily rituals like knowing days programs and protocols.

 As soon as you enter the temple you already now the situation that its going to be another holiday. Some of your respected colleagues would offer you the opportunity to create mess out of it and you won't hesitate in obliging. The best part is you could avoid all this discomfort and decide well in advance not to take part in any such HEATED UP discussions by not being present.

Politics Offers The Best Carrier - An Indian Citizen's Top Carrier Choice
 This is not all, if you are criticized and questioned directly your special rights come for your rescue and you can make the questioning people frightened by letting them know about the consequences of their daring acts. Even then some might still continue through agitations and hunger strikes, just ask them to move to UNO and complain about these domestic issues there.

Now there has been one more innovation recently invented by politicians in India , anyone of you or your colleagues could request the supreme chairperson to adjourn it for the day politely and he is supposed to oblige. The reason for this could be anything from your liking, disliking to the mood you are in.

Just for a moment compare the situation with those tough school days and imagine yourself walking up to your class teacher; you tell him/her that the whole class has decided to create some really huge noise so teacher should abandon the classes for the day. I am sure you would say-That would have been fetal  suicidal and so on.......!  But that's exactly what today's politics offers you. And to add icing to the cake your teacher would have had said- OK as you wish!

So, what do you think about such a carrier? OK so you give a nod and won't mind becoming next great politician for our country. All I want to say is best of luck!

 Here comes that old enemy of mine ??????????? Yes yet another series of question marks that looms my head. Can you please answer any of these as possibly you are already a man of great thoughts and agendas and understand the real politics-

  • We spend around Rs 20,000 per minute to run The Parliament, what is the outcome of this investment?
  • Who is (if any) wasting this money on daily bases and is he questioned for the waste.
  • Does there exist any code of conduct political parties in India for smooth functioning of Parliament,yes or no why?; is it needed or not?
  • Can you calculate roughly the percentage of total time being devoted to quality discussion and to the disruptions?
  • Are these disruption well planed with mutual consensuses to facilitate safe exit roots and cover the loop holes?
  • Who is ruling us?- Party Politics?, Democratic representatives?, Politicians or The corrupt & corruption itself?  
  • This list might prove to be endless, Do you also want add some questions to the above?
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