Tuesday, September 3, 2013

About Onion Whats Your opinion. Do we Indians only eat onions?

 Do we need to debate onions only?

The onion (yes unfortunately I need to use THE) prices in India make new records every now and then. Its prices create certain disturbance in our economy, our kitchens and in most disturbed area, our parliament. Almost every time it crosses the Rupees 60 mark, there is a political mileage at stake for different political parties. The opposition starts attacking government for the hike and government wastes no time in blaming the monsoon.

 in indian economy onions enjoy special status-secretender.blogspot.com
Look at these edible diamonds.
  • It is important to discuss price hike when it gets out of common man's reach. Onion is an important and almost universal ingredient of Indian cuisine. But if my mind is not playing any tricks on me I can remember of recipes and meals that are manageable without the use of our onion sir.
  • There are quite a handful of these daily use recipe ingredients that we use in every food. Lets for instance take up garlic. It is also very highly priced and during off-sessions its price might even cross Rs 100 easily. But we rarely ever see our parliament being adjourned due to its prices. Another example- ginger, its costs also shoot through the roof every now and then but still no house gets adjourned.

  • The question I am trying to raise is- Why do we all like being hyper about only the onion and not the other items that have caused havoc on our monthly balance sheets?  And my couple of comparisons could be bizarre but they are good enough to show that the inflation has hit everything else as well.
Inflation in general has adversely affected all other sectors too. But we (and specially our representatives) don't seem too bothered about it. Just because of media going gaga about one household item we all sing in course and hope the hated and corrupt regime will somehow be toppled down.

  1. What do you feel?
  2. What is your opinion about onion?  
  3. Are they really edible diamonds? 
Whatever be the reason one thing is for sure they really enjoy the importance we give them in our lives.
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