Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shamefull, Disgusting, Black spot on Democratic setup-These words are not enough.

Today Indian Parliament is in pitiable insane condition.

The Indian democracy has seen many many days where any or all parties have been guilty of not letting the Parliament function. The abusive language, snatching mikes, throwing chairs and all sorts of disgusting things  have happened in the temple of democracy and over the years most of us if not all have started to take it as normal. All the political parties over the years have maintained that this is one of the ways to show your disagreement with whatever is happening in the house. Specially when the governing parties or the governing coalitions try to introduce new bills or amendments without consulting the house. Though There is the obvious political side to this.

Politicians and political parties have time and again used these sort of non democratic and ill-will methods to gain advantages or harm the political opponents. I am sure that non of the parties that are there can claim to be clean with respect to adjourning the house as and when they like or they require to. The Indian National Congress has done this to shield its Members of parliament whenever they were caught in some sort of scam or corruption or crime. The opposition has also been interrupting house for years. In fact the current government may have seen most number of hours to have been ruined due to the chaos in house.

All said and done there had not been a worst day in the functioning of the house than today. The Respected Members of Parliament today did it all. From spraying pepper, kick-boxing each other, attacking each other with mikes (some saw them as knife), braking tables and snatching day's schedule from speaker's table. The most unbelievable fact is that the chaos was not created by any opposition party member but the ones who belong to the ruling party. 


The script had already been prepared by the governing coalition yesterday when they introduced the interim railway budget in a house full of chaos. The political critics had not yet finished criticizing the unusual incident and today all this occurs. The management skills of the UPA had already been under the scanner for days and they had been blamed to have staged this drama where nothing seems to be under control. One should not forget that these people belong to same party that supposedly has the most strict central command in the hands of Gandhi Family.

I have intentionally avoided touching upon the so called central or main issue "Telangana" as it has no significance with respect to the standards we have reached in terms of functioning of the Democratic setup.
The honorable speaker has already suspended the 17 members of parliament who were involved in this shameful act. Meanwhile the parties have started to give it a political color of their liking.

It remains to be seen if country still has to suffer more until the next election or weather all this is actually because of the upcoming elections. I as one of the Indian citizens can only pray that nothing of this sort is ever ever ever repeated again it the future.
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