Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Presidential Candiadates Pranab And Sangama in Raisena race-Pranab Wins

Presidential election in India came to its expected end with Pranab claiming easy victory over his opponent PA Sangma as there were only two presidential candidates contesting. In 2012 presidential polls Out of all possible votes Pranab got 527 MP's votes whereas Sangma got 206 MP's vote. Thus total vote value of Pranab's votes was 713763 whereas that of Sangma was 313987.

Pranab defeated his opponent with a big vote difference of 399776 and was successful in gaining over 69% of the total votes. Soon after his victory Pranab thanked everyone who supported him and voted in his favor. UPA Chair-Person Mrs. Soniya Gandhi went to Pranab's home along with her son MP Rahul Gandhi and congratulated Pranab. Pranab later said it was very emotional moment for him.  

Pranab Mukharjee has thus become India's 13th president and is scheduled to be sworn in as President on 25th of July 2012. Meanwhile his supporters throughout the country and specially in W. Bengal are celebrating his success. Here are a few obvious questions that you might comment on or discuss in detail-

  • what do you feel about new President? 
President of India-Pranab Mukharjee
President of India - Pranab Mukharjee
  • Is he well trained to handle the task? 
  • Do you believe in his capabilities?
  •  Anything you don't like about him and would like him to improve in?
  • Which one of all 13 Indian Presidents is THE best? 
  1. Dr. Rajender  Prasad
  2. Dr. S. Radhakrishan
  3. Dr. Jakir Husein
  4. V. V. Giri
  5. Dr. F. A. Ahmed
  6. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy
  7. Giani Jail Singh
  8. R. Venkatraman
  9. Dr. Shankar Dyal Sharma  
  10. K.R. Narayanan
  11. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  12. Pratibha Patil
  13. Pranab Mukharjee
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