Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Will Young Indians ever be Successful in Giving-up on Language & Regional issues?

This country has been modeled on regional parameters like language, old states and geographic locations. These were only a few of the thumb-rules that our ancestors needed to form states and thus create the democratic structure. The 25 states(in the beginning) were formed on the bases of language-cover-regions. All these states had there one particular language (Of-course with exceptions) . But
the real problem began with people taking into a different direction; the direction of language and regional discrimination. While taking pride in belonging to a certain part of the country is absolutely fine at the same time not respecting others same feelings is becoming a bigger problem. The discussions like north India Vs south India, Hindi Vs Southern languages are the indicators that we are busy in pointing out towards each others mistakes and drawbacks and are less worried about the country as one unit.

The ones who initiate such trends are regional politicians who care about their particular vote bank. We have got pretty good examples of this phenomenon where local political parties or politicians created those new states and got their politics going, but those states have struggled to move forward. And there is more to come; there is still an unsolved issue of constructing one more state in south India. Yes I know the argument that smaller states do facilitate democratic functioning but this is knee-jerk reaction not remedy. The fact is that we have failed on certain fronts as nation and are showing reluctance towards real the reforms we badly need. There is no meaning in building 50 states and living in the same insane and ill system. No, I am not a stereotypical system freak who seeks answer to every problem by blaming the country's system yet the truth is there visible that we really need the long awaited reforms. I am not quoting any reforms because there are too many of them needed. The next couple of years with all that's going on and expected to come, and with all eyes set on 2014 General elections already; it is going to be interesting to see if any such reforms do take place? With the history of politicians motivating voters to vote on issues like cast, religion, language and region it will be interesting to see how the young India answer back. Here is the question for you to think about and comment on-

  • Will Young Indians ever be Successful in Giving-up on Language & Regional issues? Can you really do that? Or Can political parties still bank on their stereotypical vote banks?   
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