Thursday, August 29, 2013

How Bloggers can integrate blog Posts With their social networks.

 How Bloggers can integrate blog Posts With the social networks.

  The bloggers are always busy with their blog posts. Each one of our articles makes us a better blogger. There are only a handful one who know the art of blogging in a comprehensive manner. The rest of them (like me) just speculate outcomes of their respective efforts. I have underestimated the impact of social marketing for more than two years. After reading so many bogging expert's views about the topic now I feel that I should have already been sending blog excerpts to different social networks.  Well as they say Better late than never, I decided to add those accounts to my blog. Beginning with twitter.

The argument that is often misunderstood or misused against the social networking is a typical SEO advice that says - You should keep those unnecessary links on your page as low as possible. The search engines punish you for adding to many links or accounts to your blog home pages. That results in a low PR ranking.

  • I have experienced exactly opposite trend. The search engines rate your social circles and accordingly they would promote your pages in the SERPs. This became even more evident when Google rolled out the option of adding content creator's small pictures to the search engine result pages that is now known as snippets. Thus Google now gives more importance to web pages with a personal touch. It simply adds more credibility to the content that a site or page offers.
  •  The social networks are a great source of consistent and honest followers. In the vast sea of blogs these networks help bloggers in reaching to their audience in a personal manner. These followers are the potential e mail or RSS feed subscribers that each one of us dies for.

 I am sharing a link to the post that shows exactly how bloggers can add their blog content to the different social networking sites by using twitter-feeds. The article shows every detail of the procedure in pictorial form. I hope it would be helpful to those who are searching for a method to publish and share their content at other sites like twitter and Facebook without having to go to these sites. The sign up procedure for is very easy and you don't even require to confirm your email address. The process is divided into three simple steps and you only need to authenticate your social network profiles once. Also you are not bound to select all the options. I only authenticated twitter and avoided others you could also select the networks that suits you the best. Hence if you are interested in sending your excerpts to your best friends and followers, feel free to go to the link that I am sharing below.

How Bloggers can integrate blog Posts With their social networks.

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