Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Indian politics - Biggest opportunist Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Mulayam Singh proves that he is the pure opportunist in Indian politics.

Mulayam Singh Yadav has started cooing his favorite tunes again. He has been trying his level best to somehow create that illusive third front in Indian politics. He tried it in the year of Indian Presidential election when he tried to lure in TMC supremo Mamta for a tie up after she decided to quit the partnership with UPA.  Both these leaders were supposed to be cooking up a different dish of their own during the previous Presidential elections. But at the very last moment Yadav decided to back the UPA candidate Pranab Mukharji who eventually became Indian President.  Poor Mamta was left ditched thinking about her plans to disturb the central government that had pushed her aside because of her frequent interferences with the functioning of different ministries.

Mulayam has shown this dwindling non-credible character too many times in the past. He can change his manifesto and party themes over-night with respect to any issue. He did it during nuclear deal. He did it during the FDI bill episode by abstaining the voting in parliament. His party supported the congress election time populist Food bill.  He and his men have bailed out the UPA government on so many occasions. In fact there are not many political parties in India that Mulayam does not favour. And hence every time Mulayam comes close to another elections he begins his efforts to tie-up with any of the political parties in India. The only political party that seems distant to his ambitions is BJP.

 Mulayam is one of those Indian politicians who don't bother about what people think about India and keep doing their best to somehow grab those powerful positions in the democratic setup. He named his party as Smajwadi Party but the way every one from his family gets the MP tickets and becomes minister of even chief minister just because he or she is a Yadav, shows you his type of politics clearly. The huge upsurge in the crime and corruption rates in his own state under his son's rule shows the kind of people that thrive under his protection and leadership. His is the same party that sacks an honest IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal and then defends the decision without any regrets. The senior ministers in his Utter Pradesh are being directly connected to the staging of recent riots in Utter Pradesh and the father and son duo (Mulayam and Akhilesh Yadav) honor the involved people with the grand dinner and lunches.

So here comes yet another such attempt from this Utter Pradesh minority politician. He is now claiming that his party will be making an alliance with Prakash Karat's left and might even make a government without the unwanted involvement of any of National parties, namely BJP and Indian National Congress. One must remember how he has been used and utilized by this UPA for its in-house majority purposes time and again while showing him the CBI stick constantly. So now he wants to manage his carrier without the blessing from the congressmen.

He may have guessed out that UPA has gone terribly wrong with its scams and corruption stories and it won't be able to come back to the center with any majority. In which case the BJP led NDA might be at the helm of affairs and which further could spell trouble for his CBI cases. He has been let off the hook by CBI for the time being. This might be the prize for his loyalties towards the current government. But as soon as BJP will get this tool CBI Mulayam is surely going to be one of the first to suffer the political heat.

Therefore this clever(actually clever than a wolf) Indian politician wants to make some timely arrangements. He might be dreaming of a situation where both the central parties and their respective fronts don't get enough votes for the formation of government and he along with his friends from the LEFT could make some kind of an odd arrangement in Delhi after the General elections.
Yes it is exactly as difficult as it was for me to write down the above jumble words. I had to arrange and rearrange the long sentence by grouping up those too many words in one line. Similarly Yadav needs to group up the parties that have totally different ideologies. But after all his day dreaming I am very much confident while saying that there was no third front in Indian politics and their won't be any in near future.

The regional politicians are more worried about their own carrier than the democracy of our country. The likes of Mulayams, Mayavatis and Lalus are who are responsible for the rapidly decreasing popularity of this democratic setup. All these regional stalwarts started out as representatives for different sections of society but ended up representing their own political ambitions and hiding wrong doings. May God bless them all with appropriate punishment for their selfish deeds.
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