Thursday, October 10, 2013

Indian politics- Rahul gets aggressive, is it for General Elections?

India is getting into real clear politics for next general elections and Rahul Gandhi prepares himself for next power transaction.

Government loses it to 1.2 billion-  

Finally after the immense pressure from all sides the government had to step back on its decision to fight for culprits and allow them easy access to elections and other democratic processes. The government was hell-bent on providing the politicians an escape root so that they could participate in the elections despite having being proven criminals and corrupts.

Government tried to support crime and culprits-

The event took place because Indian Supreme court gave an arrangement ( directive) in which it prohibited the politicians from participating in any elections provided they have been proven guilty by a court. The honorable court also made the arrangement that all those who have been sentenced for more than or equal to two years of imprisonment would automatically stand disqualified from the house of elected representatives. 

But knowing the political parties in India, we knew that they will all get together to negate the decision. The party in power began its efforts to facilitate the inclusion of corrupt into the parliament and the rest followed the procession. There was not even a single political party that stood against the (in-haste) ordinance that was brought about by the UPA government. Despite the fact that there was a bill pending in house on the same subject the government decided to go ahead with the ordinance and if fact was successful in passing it without even putting it for a in-house discussion.

 Indian President proves he not a mere RUBBER STAMP-

The Ordinance reached the president for his signatures so that it can be formally adopted as a legal framework. Fortunately our President somehow came to understand the illegalities associated with the ordinance and he summoned some top ministers from the government and explained to them the difficulties and also advised them for a reconsideration.
Meanwhile the common man also began to express its concerns about an ordinance that stood between him and a fair and cleaner system. The media also came into its own and protested against the awful manner in which the government tried to function. All these incidents made it difficult for the government to justify its stand on corruption.

Rahul wanted to prove that he is a opt-able leadership option for voters-

And them came the much unexpected intervention from party prince Rahul Gandhi. The often deaf and dumb congressman suddenly appeared in a press conference and called the ordinance passed by his own men a complete nonsense. He wanted the ordinance to be torn up and thrown into a dustbin. Some said he insulted his own seniors and others said he should have echoed his views before it was sent to President office.

Whatever was the reason for his intervention, the result was worth being welcomed. The government in a tea ceremony meeting decided within half hour to withdraw the ordinance along with pending bill. The bill that required great great Mr. Kapil Sibbal and Mr. Chidambram days to be layed down was worth only half hour discussion? Well it was not even worth that but the people who were behind this did not resist the party supreme leaders to any extent whatsoever.

Its individuals and dynasties that run the country, not political parties and public representatives- 

This incident shows that provided the top leadership of our political system take a firm stance on issues related to any field we can expect welcome-able outcomes. The unfortunate (irony) has been that non of the top leaders ever seemed to be in control of things and country went into a leadership crises. I am not bailing out Rahul Gandhi as very good leader but pointing out towards the years he has lost as a party kid who is still under training and observation of the so called great party members who were good for nothing for last five years. Had Rahul or Manmohan or Soniya taken such stance on issues in past the country and its economy would not have suffered the way it did.

The hardcore truth is that its Election times once again-

But wait, isn't it the time for next General elections? So does it mean Rahul Gandhi is playing for the gallery? He must be aware of his party's poor situation and may have even understood the currents. And now he wants to project himself as a leader with some leadership qualities. It is getting very clear with every passing day as he becomes more and more outspoken and aggressive with every second press conference and political rally. In this succession he recently decided to take on the BSP supremo Mayavati and blamed her for hijacking the minorities and their movement. Not only that he even wanted to underplay or negate the corruption that his government has been a part of by saying that it was his party and the government that gave common man biggest tool against corruption - RTI.
One needs to remind him of entire process of this legal framework formulation. Also he needs to explain why his party wants to dilute the RTI by keeping political parties out of its reach. He needs to be reminded of how his party lead government overturned the Supreme court judgment which said that all political parties should come under the RTI. They passed the ordinance and handpicked themselves as some one who won't be questionable under RTI. Is there a big really big bank account that exists in Swiss banks by the account holder name written as - Indian National Congress? Or is it named after the Dynasty surname Gandhi?
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