Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanks For 24 years of such an entertainment - Sachin Entertainment.

Sachin Tendulkar walks away with millions longing for more.

Sachin is playing his 200th international test match and he is the only one to do so. He creates this unbreakable record of playing 200 test matches. All his fans are happy for his yet another record. But the fact that this is his last match makes them all sad. We probably watched his last international innings in whites as the West Indies team does not look good enough to offer Indian cricket team another chance to bat. Sachin scored 74 runs before giving a catch in the slips. Dev Narine was the lucky bowler who got Sachin Tendulkar's wicket in his final test match.
  Sachin, as usual for last 24 years, did not disappoint any of his fans and looked in great touch during his stay at the crease. The match was also the rare and only occasion when Sachin's mother watched him play while sitting in the VIP-box. At this moment every Indian has this feeling of departure. We all feel as if we are losing something really big and something very close to our hearts. Yes we know its him, but may be its time to respect his decision and stand by the one who stood for us each time we wanted him to.

BCCI did it again. They chose money over feelings and VVIPs over common man.

The cricket board in India is famous for its pro-business strategies. This was the reason why such an important test match ( Sachin's 200th) was snatched away from South African cricket board and arranged within India. Yes the top management were successful in making this event commercially a hit but Sachin Tendulkar's fans will never forget how almost all the tickets went to the rich and VVIPs and even the broadcast rights were limited to a particular section. The board never seemed concerned about the people who lost opportunity of watching Sachin one last time. In present era where every single One day international is being shown on National television the fact that no one tried to show this match on DD1 was heart breaking. The poor in this country would have never complained about zig-zag picture quality but may be the BCCI wanted to protect us from any such experience.
 Well one can always complain about one or the other thing and therefore I am holding my thoughts back for some time. Its time to celebrate the huge event. We all congratulate Sachin Tendulkar for the successful carrier that he has just completed with yet another success and also wish him best of luck for the upcoming challenges. I want to modify the lines written on the score board that were shown while Sachin was present on the ground like this-
Thanks for 24 years of such an entertainment - Sachin Entertainment. 

For all the Sachin fans who are a bit nostalgic about all the great memories related to the Master Blaster, here is a light moment from the pages of history in the form of following funny picture-
sachin tendulkar image-sachin tendulkar with team mates on the beach

I am not sure about the place or country that these guys were in during this beach party. If any one knows something about the occasion, he or she can always drop a comment below and share it with everyone here.

Tomorrow I will post another interesting pictures related to 2003 world cup final that features Sachin in a different mood.
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